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November 29, 2017

We’ve all seen those perfectly toned, slim girls (and guys) on Instagram with the perfect abs and well defined derriere and it’s no doubt that generally if they’re saying they work out a lot, they probably do, but the images and videos they post will more than likely not be a true reflection of what they look like all day every day. No one can pose with their hip basically popping out for the best booty angle all the time.


A lot of what can be seen on social media especially within the fitness industry can often be tweaked and turned into something that’s not totally genuine which can lead to a false impression of what’s ‘perfect’, ‘normal’ and what people, particularly young girls, will perceive as something to strive for. A lot of fitness models on social media will work with the best angles and lighting to show an image of them looking their best and rightly so to a degree – if you work hard to look a certain way and feel proud of what you’ve achieved, by all means show it off but what can often be forgotten is that looking like people do in their pictures isn’t always a realistic representation of what they look like normally.


Sometimes posts on social media can be false advertising and may have been photo shopped to give someone the appearance of a smaller waist and a bigger bum – the dream, right? – and often these photos or profiles will have a huge following because it’s what people want to see. I totally disagree with anything being photo shopped on images to modify someone’s physique because it’s just not real and as much as a lot of people will be savvy to this, a lot of people won’t and this could have seriously detrimental effects. People can be pretty impressionable with stuff like this and if the wrong message is being given out to those people it could lead to problems such as body dysmorphia, over training because their favourite ‘Instagram fitness model’ appears to be in the gym 24/7 and in some cases even eating disorders to look like the people they follow and see ‘perfect’ images of every day.


Anyone with a social media platform with a healthy number of followers should be using that platform to promote what’s REAL. Of course post a seriously good belfie (butt selfie) once in a while because everyone needs a little motivation on hump day but as many of the UK based fitness Instagrammers that I follow have done recently they’ve posted ‘Instagram vs reality’ images portraying how both can be very different. A person’s body shape can be completely changed in a matter of seconds with just the right lighting, posing and good angles, check mine out below. Suddenly I have more defined shoulders and hamstrings and rounder more perky glutes. Magic right?

My main point to this post is to firstly inform anyone that needs informing not to believe everything you see/read on social media - it’s a pretty big jungle with a lot of snakes in it so just be cautious. However, at the same time if you feel you look your best taking a poppin’ booty pic in the mirror to show off what your mama gave you (or hip thrusts, in my case definitely hip thrusts) then go for it! Look good, feel good, but be savvy on social media!

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