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No gym? No Problem.

November 8, 2017

So the gym can be a pretty scary place for someone who’s never been to one before or even for us regulars who may use a different gym from time to time. That unfamiliar environment can be pretty daunting especially for someone who isn’t sure what they’re doing. That feeling that everyone is watching you, they all know what they’re doing and you don’t, that mental barrier to using a gym as opposed to the physical side of things.


Some people might feel like they’ll never get over that barrier but that the gym is the only way to get fit – false. There are so many ways to exercise that don’t include going to a gym. For people that prefer to be out and about enjoying their surroundings and a bit of scenery, running, cycling, even outdoor gyms that a lot of public parks have these days. But for those of you that would feel more secure in the privacy of your own home there are so many exercises, equipment and workouts that can be done without even stepping foot out of your living room!

 Exercise can be done with or without equipment, it’s not all heavy weights and massive muscles (unless you want it to be). Some days I don’t want to pick up bits of metal and put them back down again so I’ll stick to doing a good old bodyweight workout and keep to basic moves like squats, lunges, press ups & loads of bodyweight abdominal work. Bodyweight HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workouts can be done anywhere so you won’t break the bank paying a gym membership and don’t have to fork out for loads of equipment to use at home - maybe just a mat.


If I want to up the intensity of a bodyweight workout a little, one piece of equipment I do love using at home is resistance bands. They’re super cheap, really easy to use and can be used absolutely anywhere because they’re really easily transportable. I use resistance bands before every leg session to fire up my glutes but also even just on their own if I’m strapped for time and want a quick but effective booty burner. Check out some of my favourite moves for a quick booty blast in the video on my IG page below. I’ve also attached a link for the resistance bands I have from Amazon at the bottom of this post – a very worthy investment!


I’m all for people pushing their boundaries and working out of their comfort zone because I feel that’s where people might find a new love for something they’d never thought of trying or never thought they’d enjoy, but at the same time I can totally appreciate that the gym is not for everyone. The point of this post is to reassure those that don’t want to join a gym that they can exercise and get fit in other ways. Most importantly exercise should be enjoyable so it’s all about finding what works for you and what you like best. If that’s jumping around your living room like a loon then so be it, if it’s going for it on the dancefloor with your friends at a weekend after a few too many shots then go for it – I swear drunk dancing burns alllllll the calories. I’ll be posting more ‘no gym’/’no equipment’ workouts on my Instagram page soon so stay tuned for regular posts and workout inspo that you guys can do anytime, anywhere!


Resistance bands:

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