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Hayley Tyler Make Up gives you some Final Halloween Looks!

October 27, 2017


Today's post will be my last Halloween looks of this year!! I've had so much fun doing looks this year and really bringing out my creative side!

This first look is this bronzed skull look I did on a client, I am utterly obsessed with how this look turned out, its super sexy and also very easy to do! I used the morphe 12nb pallet to create this look and the Collection glitter liner for the glitter!

First off, start by doing your normal base and brown smokey eye. Once you've done that, you can start shading out the skull features, carve out the jaw line very intensely, and then start shading it out like you can see in the picture! Then draw the nose on with a brown liner, and fill in with the Collection glitter. Take some time when starting on the mouth, draw out your teeth with the brown liner and then start to blend out with a brown eye shadow. Once you've done this, add the glitter pop on, some highlighter and lashes and you're good to go!

The second look I'll be talking about is super fun and one of my fave looks i've done this year! It's a pop art Wonder Woman! This look was really popular last year and I knew I had to attempt it this year! Start off doing your normal based with a winged liner and gold glitter lid on the eye. Add some red lip stick on your lips...Once that's done you grab a black liquid liner and the look comes alive. As you can see on the pictures, you are adding shade and highlight to the points of your face that would catch light and depth. This style of work is like something you would see in a comic book and looks amazing! Its a very easy look to do and you should be able to find everything you need for the look in your makeup bag! Great if you haven't planned an outfit for halloween and need a last min idea!


Last and certainly not leased is this super fun Jester look! This is super popular every year. To do this look, start off by doing your normal base. Once you've done that, start on your eye shadow by making a super smokey look with whatever colours you are choosing to use. Really make sure you're smoking out the lower lash line, this is really going to make the look come together. When you've done this, grab a liquid liner and start adding the triangles on the top and bottom of your eyes...Get a picture for reference, it can help if you're struggling with the shape you need to get. When you've done that, add some lashes and then you can start on the lips. Start by getting liner and drawing round the natural shape of your lips, then drag it out on one side, and then the other. Keep looking in a mirror to compare, and make sure you're getting an even line. Once you're happy with the shape, fill in with a lighter colour in the middle to create an ombre effect. Draw a nose on and add some rhinestones to the high points of the triangles for some extra glam! This is optional but you can get some face paint and add a collar onto your neck if you want!

Enjoy Halloween my lovelies, be safe and slay! 

If you want to see more of the same find me on my Social Media on Instagram/Facebook, it's hayleytylermakeup

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