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INSANE Halloween looks by Hayley Tyler Makeup!

October 19, 2017

Halloween is right round the corner now and I've gotten seriously excited and inspired! I am going to show three more Halloween looks. I've created three very different looks but all perfect for any party or event you may be going to! Some are easier than others but none of them are impossible to do!

First i created this jilted bride look, the concept behind this was she had come back for revenge on her ex husband that left her at the alter,

This look is very gory and it will definitely turn heads where ever you are! To create the cuts i used liquid latex and tissue, its very easy, you have to layer liquid latex then tissue in the shape and placing on your face you'd like and keep layering until you have around five layers.

Once that is done and dry, use some tweezers and pick away at the tissue creating the cut or effect your looking for, once that is done go in with some browns, reds, greens and black cream paints to create depth to the cut putting the darker colours in the center to create more depth and a sunken in image. Dirty up your face with whatever is left on your sponge or brush to pull the look together and stick some lashes on! Once all that is done you can have some fun with the fake blood. I'd suggest a thick blood for this, its going to make it look a lot more realistic. Put it in the center of the cuts and have it dripping down like it would naturally. Add a vale and put some fake blood on that as well and your good to go!

 The second look i have created is a rhinestone glam skull! This look is as extra as they get with it taking me 3 and a half hours to do, I know this isn't very realistic and most people would not want to spend as much time on a look but you can add less gems and the look would still be a show stopper! First off I started out by mapping out the shapes on my face where my eyes were going to be, my nose and the sides of my jaws. This is so important so you know where you have free to stick gems and also, without the right face shape mapped out you wont end up looking like a skull. So once that is done, go in with a dark pink eye shadow and start filling in all the areas you have mapped out on your face. When you are


happy with the coverage and colour you can grab your tweezers eyelash glue and start sticking the gems on. This can be very time consuming so, like I said before you can always use less, or you could even fill in some spaces with glitter - which takes a lot less time but will still have the same effect. Once your happy with the positioning of your gems or/and glitter stick some extra big lashes on for a super glam look and you're good to go!

The last look I have for you today is so simple, but really effective, super wearable and one of my fave looks i have done. Its a super cute glam scarecrow, you don't need to go out and buy anything special for this look, you should have it already in your makeup bag. I have gone with an orange colour scheme you don't have to use whatever colours you want! I did my normal foundation and contour routine then I did a simple smokey eye with winged liner and put some false lashes on for that glam look. Once i have done that i went in with the extra bright orange blush on my cheeks! and added some faux freckles with a black liquid liner. I then went on to do my nose. I created a shape I was happy with, then filled it in with some orange liner. Once i have done that I went around the nose in a stitch effect to make it look as if my nose was stitched on. Once I did that i went in with the liquid liner to create my mouth... Go with whatever shape you would like. I went for a big long mouth and added the stitch effect to that also. I also added a little stitched triangle to my head to make it look like there was some fabric on my face!

 I hope you found this helpful and its made getting ready for Halloween this year seem a little less daunting! If you're ever struggling to find looks or ideas, google or instagram are great places to find ideas or inspo! I found the inspo for my scarecrow off google images and my skull from an amazing mua on instagram called staceymua! 

If you want to follow me on any of my social accounts its @hayleytylermakeup on all of them!

If you have an business enquiries contact me on


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